suzuki kei



  • JDM Engine Option 1: 657cc F6A I3 Petrol Engine
  • JDM Engine Option 2: 658cc K6A I3 Petrol Engine
  • Curb Weight: 820 kg (with all options)
  • Size: L 3,395 mm x W 1,475 mm x H 1545 mm

The Good

One of our favorite kei cars from Japan, this little Suzuki is a very good example of Japanese know-how when it comes to small cars. It is also called the Mazda Laputa and related to the Suzuki Alto, another little fun car we are going to talk about.

It comes with a very small selection of engines, only 2 petrol engines, and you even can choose to get 4-wheel drive. In our opinion, it is best to go for the 2-wheel drive if you are going to use this car only in the city, and it doesn’t even matter what engine version you choose because of the lightness of the car. If you really want to go with the 4-wheel drive version, we would recommend the K6A, because of the torque it comes with.

One thing that we discovered with this car is that for its height it is actually pretty nimble, this being the effect of the very fast steering rack that has been fitted with.

When it comes to fuel consumption, it’s economical, with around 4,5 – 5 L / 100 km. We do have to say that Suzuki really knows to make a fuel efficient kei car.

The interior of the Suzuki Kei was actually quite a surprise. The quality of the materials used were really good and we would go and say that they are high quality. We really had never seen something like this in a Japanese kei car. There is room for four people with ease and the ride quality is very good. There was something we were expecting when going faster in the car and that was wind noise. Because of the height and the shape, you would assume that the noise caused by wind would be a problem, but it wasn’t.

Since the Suzuki Kei has stopped production in 2009, it means that the only one you can get one is opting for a used model. The prices vary quite a bit, but for a maximum of $5000, you can find an ’09 version fully loaded, in top notch condition.

The Bad

The first bad we managed to spot at this car was when we first enter id. The AC is not a standard, so if you want the full package with 4wd, AC, automatic and the K6A engine, then the price can get a bit higher.

We said that you can seat four people with ease. This is true, but their luggage will probably have to stay home, because the space for this is very poor

Finally, the clunky automatic jitters too much in the city and it’s not really worth checking out.


In conclusion, the Suzuki Kei is another wonderful kei car that we would like to own. We would disregard some of the bad parts because of the class this car is in, but some of them are there to stay. We think that the kei class will also be a standard in the future for the overpopulated cities around the world.

What others say

  • – “Another wonderful car from the pioneers of the kei-car.”
  • – “It was inherited some of the features from previous successful models and because the automaker looks a bit like a miniature crossover.”